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With over 10 years of experience in bilingual Promotion, B2C & Corporate Communication and Marketing — developed both in the music industry and in other fields — former Publicist & Head of Promotion of Valery Records  Erika ‘Grapes’ Conti, starts e-grapes promotion in September 2011.
e-grapes promotion stands in the ideal meeting point between a traditional Press&Promotion Office and its modern development in the Web 2.0 era, including a strong digital and offline PR activity. 
e-grapes promotion’s philosophy is that of working on custom projects, tailored on a combination of research on the client’s music release&message + a cost effective marketing investment plan of the promotional budget set, in order to achieve the best results in terms of quality media exposure and consolidation of the moniker’s image.
e-grapes promotion’s vast experience in all aspects of PR and Promotion and its international net of more than 2.000 active contacts, can help Artists, Labels, Brands and Events expand within the music industry and beyond.
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