Promotion in Italy: What we can actually do for you

E-Grapes Press, Promotion and more: What we can actually do for you.

In Italy and abroad.

In September 2011 music press agent Erika Grapes Conti starts up e-grapes promotion, a strongly eclectic and creative Public Relations and Communication agency. Grapes poures in it more than 10 years of press office, marketing and promotion expertise & experience developed both in the music industry and other fields in Italy, London and Los Angeles.

e-grapes promotion stands in the ideal meeting point between a traditional Press&Promotion Office and its modern development in the Web 3.0 era, including a strong digital and offline PR activity both on the Italian territory and abroad.

e-grapes promotion’s philosophy is that of working on custom projects, tailored on a combination of research on the client’s music release&message + a cost effective marketing investment plan of the promotional budget set, in order to achieve the best results in terms of quality media exposure and consolidation of the moniker’s image.

Among  a variety of services spanning from professional Italian – English translations of contracts, documents, interviews, press kits, biographies and any type of commercial, artistic, technical or financial text, e-grapes promotion can professionally write from scratch or revise and deliver press releases, flash news, newsletters both to the Italian and international target media… and their final audiences.

e-grapes promotion’s vast experience in all aspects of PR and Promotion and its international net of over 3.000 active media and radio contacts, can help Artists, Labels, Brands and Events expand within the field’s industry and beyond.

Teaming up with selected media connections, street teams and fan clubs, e-grapes promotion organizes successful events such as press days, meet & greets, walk in store or radio acoustic live sets, electric live shows and show cases, release parties, film prémieres and much more.

When committed to an eventful project, e-grapes promotion can cover all the necessary steps from location scouting, to the management of catering, VIP areas, security and on-site multilingual secretary services, professional photo sets, red carpets, video recording and anything brilliant and effective that might pop up to your and mind and ours.

e-grapes promotion has also the required skills and qualifications in copywriting and managing marketing and advertising campaigns with both small and consistent budgets, often extending the message to the social media world through official pages management and editing.

E-Grapes Promotion is based in Milan, Italy, however most services are available worldwide.

E-Grapes rock music press office and promotion in Italy and abroad