e-grapes promotion was established in 2011.

Since then, we have worked for the following clients:

Berlino Mon Amour (2014)

Impronta Birraia (2014)

Alteria (2014)

Klogr – new album and European Tour with Prong (dec. 2013 – 2014)

Camera d’Ascolto (2014)

Vena (2013)

TeodasiA European Tour with Tarja Turunen (2013)

Black Circus – The Theatre Club (2011-2012)

Design (2012 – 2013)

Several Union (2011 – 2013)

The Monkey Weather (2012)

Dubby Dub (2012)

Artemista (2012)

Seed ‘n’ Feed (2011 – 2012)

Shandon (2011 – 2012)

e-grapes promotion collaborates with more than 2.000 brands, press, labels & booking contacts both in Italy and abroad including Metal Hammer; Rock Hard; Sonic Seducer; Legacy; Superstudio; IsoRadio RAI; Rock Rebel Magazine; Rock TV; Virgin Radio; Metal Maniac; SpazioRock; Live Nation; Live Club; Ammonia Records; Bad Spirit; Zeta Factory; Corriere della Sera; EMP; Rumore; Radio Lombardia; Radio Popolare; Rumore Magazine; Rockerilla; MTV New Generation; Metalitalia;; Metallus; Black Circus; Adrenaline PR; S8Mktg; RocknrollRadio; BBC6; Rockerilla; Tough Enough Promotion; C Magazine; Rockit; BlankTV; Track me Hard Agency and many, many more.


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