Design release slasher-horror video for ‘Turn off the sun’ single

Design release slasher-horror video for ‘Turn off the sun’ single

June 2, 2012 1 By skeek


June, 2nd 2012

Last Friday, Design released the video for “(Turn off the) Sun,” first single from the upcoming album Technicolor Noise.

The video is a homage to early slasher films (such as Friday the 13, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween), horror movies sub-genre popular in mid 70s – 80s, typically involving a psychopathic killer slaughtering a sequence of innocent victims, often happening to be teenagers enjoying their holidays.




Written by young director Daniele Tedeschi, the subplot of ‘(Turn off the) Sun’ revolves around the love of a butler for a ruthless housekeeper to whom he feels devoted to the point of committing savage murders in front of impassible musicians.

There’s more than a key to understanding the meaning of this video. The lyrics of (Turn off the) sun are about attention-seeking habits caused by lack of affection and admiration which often lead to extreme acts (not only in young people, as shown by the butler’s character), committed to feel accepted, noticed.

Another interesting message is in the very end of the video: the band, that keeps playing all the way through the carnage, receives money from the murderer. This symbolic act stands for the state of automatonic numbness society has finally arrived to: everything is fine and tolerable, as long as you get paid at some point.

A picture of decay filled with blind violence and rage, pretty well underlined by the melancholic aggressiveness of the song itself, which will be officially released on June 10.

Design is currently touring in Italy and Spain.

Watch the video for “(Turn off the) Sun” below: