Erika Grapes Debuts New Video For “Titanium”

Erika Grapes Debuts New Video For “Titanium”

March 9, 2023 0 By skeek

“And it’s Del Miglio’s stripped-back piano composition along with Grapes ’ natural somber-ladened vocals that propel this cover song into an emotional atmosphere all its own. More powerful than the original? I think for some, the answer is an unequivocal, yes. Especially for fans of the raw psychological depths that artists such as Sigrid, Billie Eilish, and/or Fiona Apple can take their unfeigned ballads.” 

 – The Global Texan Chronicles



Five months after the release of the kintsugi girl-themed single Titanium, covering Sia’s planetary success in an intimate version produced by Italian Andrea Del Miglio aka Delman, Erika Grapes has released its official videoclip. A simple freestyle choreo filmed up North in Europe in a snowy landscape by professional dancer and choreographer Uliana Pinigina‘s students, the video of Titanium depicts the heart, grace, fragility and the strength of an abused woman, described in the beautiful lyrics of the song. Dancers: Polina Smirnova Leonilla Sinel Lazarina Zlenko Ksenia Skalkina Daria Morozova Margarita Hohlova of the Uliana Pinigina’s Dance School.

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Erika Grapes

Alt. pop singer Erika Grapes is an Italian-Hungarian artist with a sultry, enchanting voice dwelling in dark yet dreamy athmospheres. Her first single as a solo artist is produced by Lorenzo Montana (also known for his artistic ties to Tying Tiffany, T.T.L. and Pete Namlook). Erika and Lorenzo work together on a mesmerizing trip hop version of Cigarettes After Sex hit Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby which sees the light, as Erika’s debut single, in April 2021. Erika gets a immediately a very positive feedback and other fellow artists from around the world contact her for duets and collaborations. One of them, Andrea Castelli, ( Shandon, Kosmodromo) works with Erika for several tracks: “Falling Inside Out” an intimate, melancholic yet happy song about the way human beings cope with psychological suffering with music by A. Castelli and word by Erika Grapes; Romantic Sanity with American rapper WaveyBoy; a spooky-surf cover of Love Potion N.9 and the heartfelt elegy Mother and Child (music and words by Grapes). Around the same time, English artist Alfie Scheinman directs in Swansea, Wales, the video for Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby (Radio Edit). December 2021: Erika seals a new collaboration with producer Andrea Del Miglio with whom she puts out the singles Red Right Hand, and in 2022 Into Dust, Titanium and the original song Out of Depth written by Felix Subway.