MadHouse announce new guitarist Fabio Carraffa

MADHOUSE have announced the entry in the band of a new guitarist: Fabio Carraffa.
Carraffa, which is going to be part of the band as its fifth element, has collaborated with big names such as Zucchero Fornaciari, Zakk Wylde, Paul Gilbert and Steve Vai – to name just a few; has published worldwide 42 music-related books, mostly guitar methods (Rock Guitar World, Total Control Guitar, Ultimate Minus One); opened three music schools in Milan; developed around 30 between softwares and apps for guitarists and is also endorsed by a few top brands.
Unstoppable and outstanding musician, Fabio Carraffa declares to be very excited to become part of MadHouse: “In the past year many rock-metal bands had asked me to join them, but I always had to turn them down, because there was that sparkle of honesty and passion missing, which I found in MadHouse. When I got contacted by Filippo Anfossi, who made me listen to the songs of his band, MadHouse, my first reaction was “Yeeeah!! They Rock!!” Their music if fantastic and I immediately felt a sense of belonging to those songs. I’m sure that with these premises, we’re going to do great things together”.

With this new line-up of 5, MadHouse keep working on their upcoming full-length, following the debut EP “You Want More”, from which had been released two videos in the past weeks: Empty Inside and the lyric video Skulls and Bones.
A third official videoclip is due by the end of 2015.

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