“With Klogr we have never been tempted to play cover songs, but the death of Chris Cornell left an immense artistic void in me and I felt strongly the need to experience again a song which was so important. This cover is our tribute to an artist that has changed our perception of music.”   – Rusty KLOGR

The brand new single / video from the American-Italian Alternative Rock band KLOGR [written KLOGR, reads “KEY LOG AR”] is out today. The title of the single is LIKE A STONE and it’s a tribute to Chris Cornell, one of the musical anti-hero idols of the Generation X and Gen Y (also known as Millenials) tragically deceased last year. LIKE A STONE  was originally written and released by Audioslave in  2002 and is, as of today, one of their prominently known singles.

Both the cover artwork of Like a Stone and the video direction are by Joba, former bass player of KLOGR. Video operators: Roberto Zampa and Otus. Production Zeta Factory.
Music Produced by Rusty and Federico Ascari
Engineered at Zeta Factory by Federico Ascari
Mixed and Mastered by Federico Ascari at Wavemotion Recordings

KLOGR will soon be back on stage for a European Tour of 8 dates with Buckcherry and Adelita’s Way.

These are the first announced dates:

19 Feb Bochum, Germany, Zeche
20 Fed, Hamburg, Germany, Markethalle
22 Feb Zurich, Switzerland, Komplex
23 Feb Pinarella di Cervia, Italy, Rock Planet
24 Feb Saarbrucken, Germany, Garage



“Like A Stone”
(Chris Cornell)

On a cobweb afternoon,
In a room full of emptiness
By a freeway I confess
I was lost in the pages of a book full of death;
Reading how we’ll die alone.
And if we’re good we’ll lay to rest,
Anywhere we wanna go.

In your house I long to be;
Room by room patiently,
I’ll wait for you there like a stone.
I’ll wait for you there alone.

And on my deathbed I will pray to the gods and the angels,
Like a pagan to anyone who will take me to heaven;
To a place I recall, I was there so long ago.
The sky was bruised, the wine was bled, and there you led me on.

In your house I long to be;
Room by room, patiently,
I’ll wait for you there like a stone.
I’ll wait for you there alone, alone.

And on I read until the day was gone;
And I sat in regret of all the things I’ve done;
For all that I’ve blessed, and all that I’ve wronged.
In dreams until my death I will wander on.

In your house I long to be;
Room by room, patiently,
I’ll wait for you there like a stone.
I’ll wait for you there alone, alone. 

Klogr release Black Snow (U.S.A. Special Edition) on April 29, 2014

KLOGR’s new album “Black Snow” will be released in the US on April, 29 in a special digital edition which includes:

“Black Snow” Album

“Till You Turn” EP

“Ground Zero 11-11-11″ Live

In the meantime, the band is ready for the road on the way to the “Black Snow European Tour” with Prong: 23 concerts from March 26 to April 20th:



26/03/14 PRONG + KLOGR
Essen (DE) @ Turock

27/03/14 PRONG + KLOGR
Haarlem (NL) @ Patronaat

28/03/14 PRONG + KLOGR
Roermond (NL) @ Eci Cultuurfabriek

29/03/14 PRONG + KLOGR
Antwerp (BE) @ Trix

30/03/14 PRONG + KLOGR
London (UK) @ Underworld

01/04/14 PRONG + KLOGR
Glasgow (UK) @ Cathouse

02/04/14 PRONG + KLOGR
Manchester (UK) @ NQ LIVE

03/04/14 PRONG + KLOGR
Wolverhampton (UK) @ Slade Rooms

04/04/14 PRONG + KLOGR
Paris (FR) @ Nouveau Casino

05/04/14 PRONG + KLOGR
Köln (DE) @ Luxor

06/04/14 PRONG + KLOGR
Karlsruhe (DE) @ Substage

08/04/14 PRONG + KLOGR
Saarbrücken (DE) @ Garage

09/04/14 PRONG + KLOGR
Aarau (CH) @ Kiff

10/04/14 PRONG + KLOGR
München (DE) @ Backstage Halle

11/04/14 PRONG + KLOGR
Wien (AT) @ Szene

12/04/14 PRONG + KLOGR
Prag (CZ) @ Nova Chmelnice

13/04/14 PRONG + KLOGR
Krakow (PL) @ Kwadrat Club

15/04/14 PRONG + KLOGR
Berlin (DE) @ Lido

16/04/14 PRONG + KLOGR
Bremen (DE) @ Tower

17/04/14 PRONG + KLOGR
Hamburg (DE) @ Knust

18/04/14 PRONG + KLOGR
Kopenhagen (DK) @ Vega

19/04/14 PRONG + KLOGR
Gothenburg (SE) @ Sticky Fingers.

20/04/14 PRONG + KLOGR
Stockholm (SE) @ Debaser Strand



ZERO TOLERANCE is the opening track of Black Snow, the new album of KLOGR

Black Snow is the third release of the Alt Metal band from Italy and it shares with the band’s previous releases  (the full lenght debut “Till You Decay” and the EP “Till You Turn”) the  common theme of the relationship between man, society and, in the case of Black Snow, between human society and environment.
Mankind has transformed our planet to the point of making it unrecognizable, exploiting exasperatingly all natural resources and animal lives in the name of an economical profit which seems to be never enough to satisfy man’s greed.
The song ZERO TOLERANCE takes inspiration from the dolphins slaughter taking place every year in the bay of Taiji, Japan to talk about the killing and captivity of animals caused by men for unnecessary reasons:

 “Greedy man you’re looking for new wealth, what are you gonna do when everything is wasted?”
and declares “Zero Tolerance” in the regards of such irresponsible behaviour displayed by a certain part of human society.
A war of man against man towards that which seems to be an impossible Utopia: an attempt to save what is left of our earth.
ZERO TOLERANCE will soon be released also as a videclip (directed by Davide Cilloni – Eklipse Design) featuring images from a documentary of  the non-profit, marine conservation organization Sea Shepherd.
The earning from the first 500 iTunes downloads of the song ZERO TOLERANCE from will be entirely donated to Sea Shepherd.
Download ZERO TOLERANCE from iTunes at 0,99€ to contribute actively to the fight of Sea Shepherd for the safeguard of Ocean Life


Klogr hanno pubblicato un nuovo videoclip, tratto dall’album Black Snow.

Il video, Draw Closerè stato prodotto dalla italiana Flush Design ed è il primo singolo estratto dall’album, che vedrà la luce l’11 di Marzo.

Klogr stanno per affrontare un mini tour italiano per promuovere l’album, che partirà questo venerdì, 7 febbraio, dal Rock ‘N’ Roll di Rho e vedrà l’alternative rock band impegnata in 4 concerti a Cremona, Modena e Reggio Emilia. Dopo di che il combo modenese partirà per un Tour Europeo di 23 date insieme alle icone del metal alternativo targato USA, Prong.

Ecco il video di Draw Closer:  http://youtu.be/6RmDD3b3Mgo


(Fonte: Ufficio Stampa e-grapes promotion)

KLOGR, Black Snow: Tracklist and Album Preview (NEWS)

KLOGR, Black Snow: Tracklist and Album Preview
KLOGR | Album trailer#2 features clips of new songs from upcoming album Black Snow, officially out on March, 11th.

KLOGR will release Black Snow, their second full lenght album, follower of debut Till You Decay (2011) and Ep Till You Turn (2013), on March 11 via Zeta Factory/Bertus (CD) and Believe (digitally).

KLOGR have published a second trailer for Black Snow, with cuts from each of the 12 songs contained on the album: Klogr Black Snow Trailer #2:

KLOGR Black Snow – Album preview

Black Snow is available on pre-order/special digipack deluxe editions through Musicraiser, till February, 7.

First single from KLOGR‘s new album will be “Draw Closer” and the band will release a video on February, 4.

Black Snow — Tracklist

01. Zero Tolerance
02. Refuge
03. Draw Closer
04. Hell Of Income
05. Life is Real
06. Heart Breathing
07. Failing Crowns
08. Guilty and Proud
09. Plunder
10. Room to Doubt
11. Severed Life
12. Ambergris



Klogr, Black Snow: tracklist e anteprima audio nuovo album

Kogr. In attesa dell’uscita del nuovo album, Black Snow, e del tour europeo con i Prong, ecco la tracklist, le date italiane e l’anteprima audio delle tracce.

Il prossimo 11 marzo uscirà il nuovo album dei Klogr. Ed ecco, in anticipo sull’uscita del primo singolo, prevista per i primi di febbraio, un medley d’anteprima audio di ciascuna delle dodici tracce contenute nel disco: Klogr Black Snow Trailer #2 http://smarturl.co/klogrTeaser2.

Ufficializzata quindi, la tracklist del nuovo album dei KlogrBlack Snow, già disponibile in pre-order (solo fino al 7 di febbraio), su Musicraiser, in varie differenti opzioni digipack.

01. Zero Tolerance
02. Refuge
03. Draw Closer
04. Hell Of Income
05. Life is Real
06. Heart Breathing
07. Failing Crowns
08. Guilty and Proud
09. Plunder
10. Room to Doubt
11. Severed Life
12. Ambergris

Ed in attesa del Tour Europeo con i leggendari pionieri dell’industrial metal, Prong, sarà possibile vedere i Klogr dal vivo in 4 date Italiane:

7 Febbraio Rho (Rock’n’roll)

8 Febbraio Correggio (I vizi del Pellicano)

20 Febbraio Cremona (Midiam)

21 Febbraio Modena (Borderline)


“Several Union” cover Aerosmith classic ‘Dream On’ (video)

Alternative metal band Several Union published a new video for “Dream On” (Aerosmith cover) directed by Beppe Platania of This is Core Music.
The energetic, screamo version of this rock classic, played by Several Union and featuring vocalist Andrea Rock, is underpinned by the steps of graceful ballet dancer Sofia Monti – international young talent – as if to emphasize the delicacy of dreaming combined with the passion and perseverance that come with it.
“Everyone wants to make their dreams come true.” – Ashdale, Several Union’s frontman says – “In this video we wanted to convey the tension and expectation, but also the desire for redemption of those who give 101% of themselves every day, all day, to improve in what they love to do, whether it be music, sports or, as in this case, dance.
We were lucky to find Sofia, with whom we immediately established a great feeling and that, despite her young age, was able to express the fragility and determination that we were looking for.” 

The video was shot in Cesena, Italy at Petrella Theatre.
Several Union have freshly signed to independent label Ammonia Records (The Fire, The Monkey Weather, Thee Stp, Hormonauts) and are putting out two new – digital only – releases this week: AWAKE FROM THE GAME DELUXE and REMIX FROM THE GAME DELUXE.
These are the bonus tracks appearing on the deluxe versions of the previously released albums:AWAKE FROM THE GAME DELUXE *bonus tracks
I ain’t no nice guy (Motorhead cover)
Several Union feat. Nah – The Game (VIP version)  courtesy of High Scream Records
Several Union feat. Vik – Fall & Fade (VIP version)
Several Union “Dream On”: http://youtu.be/bCWFA-OruaY
from “Awake from the Game”, 2013 – Ammonia Records
Directed by / / BEPPE PLATANIA
Location / / Teatro Petrella – Longiano, Cesena

Performer / / Sofia Monti / / Several Union

SEVERAL UNION: ecco il video di “Dream On” e le nuove release

18.06.2013 ISeveral Union escono per Ammonia Records con un videoclip e nuove release

Si intitola Dream On – cover dell’omonimo brano degli Aerosmith – il nuovo video dei Several Union, diretto dal regista Beppe Platania.
L’energia screamo del brano è puntellata dai passi leggiadri della ballerina classica Sofia Monti, giovanissima promessa internazionale, quasi a sottolineare quanto la delicatezza del sognare (“Dream on until your dream comes true”) porti con sè altrettanta passione e perseveranza. Le voci che si alternano sono quelle del frontman, Alessandro Montalti e dello special guest Andrea Rock, che non appare in questo video.

“Tutti vogliono realizzare i propri sogni.” commenta Alessandro “In questo video volevamo trasmettere la tensione, le aspettative ma anche la voglia di riscatto di quelli che danno il 100% per quello che amano fare, sia la musica, lo sport o, come in questo caso, la danza. 
Abbiamo avuto la fortuna di trovare Sofia, con cui si è instaurato subito un ottimo feeling e che, nonostante la giovane età, si è messa in gioco ed è riuscita ad esprimere quella fragilità e quella determinazione che cercavamo.” 

Il video è stato girato nel Cesenate presso il Teatro Petrella, con il patrocinio del Comune di Longiano e la collaborazione dell’associazione “Arrivano dal Mare”.

Novità anche per quanto riguarda le uscite discografiche: entrati a far parte della scuderia Ammonia Records, i Several Union escono oggi con due edizioni digitali DELUXE dell’album AWAKE FROM THE GAME e di REMIX FROM THE GAME(brani di Awake from the Game remixati da DJ e musicisti di varia provenienza sonora).

Alla tracklist della versione Deluxe di Awake from the game si aggiungono le bonus tracks registrate e prodotte presso il Tam Tam Studio di Cesena.

I ain’t no nice guy (cover Motorhead)

per quanto riguarda Remix from the Game Deluxe, si aggiungono i contenuti inediti

Several Union feat. Nah – The Game (VIP version) per gentile concessione di High Scream Records
Several Union feat. Vik – Fall & Fade (VIP version)

Several Union “Dream On”http://youtu.be/bCWFA-OruaY
da “Awake from the Game” 2013 – Ammonia Records
Diretto da // BEPPE PLATANIA
Location // Teatro Petrella – Longiano, Cesena
Performer // Sofia Monti // Several Union


Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” – Samuel Beckett

‘Fail Better’ a super single digital release which comprises 7 tracks remixed from Design‘s debut album ‘Technicolor Noise’
Design, electro/rock band labelled as “the next big thing” (Metal Hammer – Italy) release their new EP today (April 11), digitally through Zeta Factory.
Fail Better EP comprises the homonymous third single of the combo from Castelfidardo, after the slasher horror tribute video ‘Turn off the sun’ and the optimistic anthem O.P.O.V.  plus a collection of tracks remixed by a variety of artists from London, Rome and central Italy.
The result is fresh, experimental and professionally crafted.
DESIGN and ZETA FACTORY are publishing in free streaming the whole EP on Soundcloud at the following link https://soundcloud.com/designrockband/sets/fail-better-ep and fans willing to support the band can download it via iTunes from this page: itunes.apple.com/it/album/fail-better/id632579239

Immagine in linea 1


01. – Fail Better (single edit)

02. (Turn off the) sun – YOUAREHERE dusk remix

03. Re Hank – NREC devastor remix

04. Silent Movie (feat. Dex) – BOBYEAHROCK plaster studio remix

05. Straight at you – KMfromMYills vein remix

06. Dreamers ELECTRIC RIOT maldini remix

07. Empty rooms – YOUAREHERE glits remix

08. Glitch better – NREC remix


The cover artwork was made by DESIGN’s bassist Sara Rock and here is the video accompanying the (album version) of ‘Fail Better’, shot in London last autumn.


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Venerdì 12 aprile al The Theatre Club, in via Sesia 10 a Rozzano (MI) un grande party con musica dal vivo, dj set e OPEN BAR PER TUTTA LA NOTTE a soli 15 euro di ingresso ‘all inclusive’, per il primo anno di attività del locale che ha ospitato negli scorsi mesi numerosi eventi locali ed internazionali di musica rock e dintorni (Combichrist, Sigue Sigue Sputnik, Clan of Xymox per citarne alcuni).
Il party, a tema “Masquerade” avrà inizio alle ore 22 con tre immancabili concerti: i DESIGN da Castelfidardo che propongono un rock elettronico che ricorda gli ultimi Depeche Mode e di cui uscirà proprio in questi giorni una nuova raccolta di remix, tutta in digitale. A seguire iSEVERAL UNION da Cesena, alternative rock massiccio di derivazione americana e infine i milanesi BLOODY MARY, storica gothic rock band attiva da oltre dieci anni.
Subito dopo i concerti, si alterneranno cinque DJ nelle due sale del THE THEATRE:Dark CircusDJs: Moreno, Black Ossian,
Genere: Dark, Gothic, New Wave, Industrial, Electro Pop, Dark Wave, ’80, Indie, Alternative, Alternative-Rock, Electro, EBM, IndustrialDJs: Virus, Lore, Rosso
Genere : EBM, Industrial, Electroe numerosi stand interattivi con perfomers, fotografi e truccatori che si ispireranno al tema della serata:

Photo Set by: “ Stefania ”

Photo by: “ Nicola ”

Video by: “ Dario ”

Animazione by: ” Circus Dolls ”

Allestimento by: ” Rejetti & Co.”

Performance by ” Kirigami ”

Performance Burlesque by ” Titi La Noire ”

Tutti i partecipanti all’evento avranno accesso illimitato al bar.

La direzione del locale invita ad un consumo responsabile delle bevande alcoliche.
Inizio evento: ore 22
Ingresso: 15 euro tutto incluso (concerti, spettacoli, set fotografici, dj set, open bar)
Tessera ACSI Obbligatoria
Tesseramento Online: http://www.thetheatre.it/tesseramento.htmlCOME RAGGIUNGERE IL THE THEATRE
Con i Mezzi: tram linea 15 (fermate: Abbiategrasso MM2, Duomo MM1/MM3).
In Auto: Tangenziale Ovest uscita 7 bis Rozzano/Quinto de stampi.
Ampio parcheggio gratuito.SPECIAL PARTNERSHIP:EMP, Rock Hard, Inferno Rock, E-Grapes Promotion, Radio Alternative, Stage Alive, Dark Italia, Officine Alchemiche, Damned In Black, Eagle Booking, Rock di Sera, Nuclear Eye, Intempesta Noctis.DIREZIONE ARTISTICA: BLACK CIRCUS

Direzione Artistica: Red
Per Info Segreteria: 340/5209575
Reperibilità: dalle 10.00 alle 19.00

Per info: Red 340/5209575
Reperibilità: dalle 10.00 alle 19.00