Hold On America: a message of love

Hold On America: a message of love

September 2, 2020 0 By skeek

This is a solo single release by Jersey rocker Wayne Olivieri, lead singer of The NEW Bardots. Written by Wayne and long time friend and former band mate Brian Hadley (Oliver’s Twist), “Hold On America” is a hymn that comes from the emotions and urgencies of one of the toughest and most complicated years since a long time. This one.

 I consider myself a Patriot and a proud American. 
Over the last few months I have seen this country torn apart by political hate, looting, riots and overall chaos. I have watched while our cities (including my neighbor New York) have been overrun by thugs and criminals disguised as “Peaceful Protesters” as some of our elected officials stand by and do nothing for what..I dont know. 

I wanted to do something….anything that might help bring attention to this madness and try to push love instead of hate.    
“Hold On America” is a statement of hope and a plea for peace in the streets. I’m just one voice but I truly feel I’m speaking for many.

Wayne Olivieri