RewOut have published their new video”Circus”, due out digitally on February 18th. The single will be first available as a radio edit, different from the album version.

Circus is about the pressure of mental prisons created by the masks and roles which societies tend to put on individuals. It’s an invitation to come out from the comfort zone of symbolic cages and become the true-self rather than an easy character.

The concept for the video starts from an idea of  Sun (Domenico Simonelli), frontman ofthe band, whose creativity is behind the idea of the stage-cage set and the totem-animals costumes in team with singer Shine (Xana Vazquez) and artistic collaborator Angela Uccella.

The band members represent animals managing to exit a physical cage (created with 40 metal and concrete poles all hand carried on theroof of the location) and explore freedom.

The video was shot in just 9 hours by director Gianluca Ferriero (MOOBE) in the superb location of Real Sito di Carditello in San Tammaro, Caserta. A time leap in the ancient Campania Felix.

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