TeodasiA release Christmas single “Let’s Dream Tonight”

TeodasiA release Christmas single “Let’s Dream Tonight”

December 17, 2015 0 By skeek

Venezia, Italy

Symphonic rock band Teodasia from Venice, Italy have released  their second single with new singer Giacomo Voli from The Voice of Italy: the yuletide song Let’s Dream Tonight“.

The track, written by Francesco Gozzo and Isabella Tuni and available through Soundcloud in free download
( https://soundcloud.com/teodasia/lets-dream-tonight )
A Christmas present from Teodasia to all fans, new and old and a season greeting message of hope:

“This song is for those who feel alone with their fears” – says Gozzo, Teodasia’s founder, drummer, pianist and composer – “for those who, like me, dream and keep fighting for that dream. For those who know that happiness is a hard and challenging path, not a destination and that after a defeat, it’s always possible to stand up again. Merry Christmas”.

Teodasia will release their new album in 2016 and will be on the road soon with a promotional tour.

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