The Blind Catfish Cover Michael Jackson’s ‘Billie Jean’ – Video

The Blind Catfish Cover Michael Jackson’s ‘Billie Jean’ – Video

November 20, 2015 0 By skeek

Almost a year after their successful debut album “The King of the River”, The Blind Catfish have released their third single: a cover of Michael Jackson’s 80s hit Billie Jean.

Unlike the original song, also composed by Jackson,The Blind Catfish have put out a bittersweet bluesy-ballad about unwilling paternity.

Luca “Frago” Fragomeni, guitarist, explains the reasons for this choice:
“We started with a question: how would Billie Jean sound like from the point of view of the child? This child grew up without the presence of a father, like many others in the world. We have tried to convey images of the anguish hidden behind the groove and fun of the original compositon. Why: we chose Billie Jean because its lyrics are extremely blues. And we tried to create the right atmosphere for such heavy words. The video is very different from the original one, a critical eye may spot some similarities, but they are not intentional.”

The video was shot in Correggio, Italy, directed by Franky Scaramuccia.

After a series of concerts that accompanied the release of The King of the River, including festival Blues Made in Italy, The Blind Catfish are currently in the studio to work on new material.