September 2, 2023 0 By skeek

Ordahlia Nera is a female fronted, dark symphonic metal band from Milan, formed in 2023 by
guitarist and composer Ivo Ricci and orchestral singer Vanna Basso.
Signed to Universal Music and managed by Andrea Dulio (manager of the brothers Noel and
Liam Gallagher), the Italian brand new act features musicians with a long experience in the
metal genre (Betoken, Folkstone, Bardomagno, So Hate Is, Methedras, Alchemical
Connection, Beholder).

The band’s name is the sum of two concepts: Ordalia, a Medieval term which means “trial by
ordeal”, an ancient judicial practice in which the guilt or innocence of the accused was
determined by subjecting them to dangerous and extreme experiences and Black Dahlia
(Nera means black in Italian), real name Elizabeth Short, victim of a famous macabre cold
case murder happened in Los Angeles in 1947.
“Elizabeth Ann Short” is also the debut single of Ordahlia Nera (release date September
15th, 2023) from the upcoming first album “Mask of Broken Glass”. The sinister and surreal
epilogue of the Black Dahlia is well known in the true crime community, due to its particularly
horrific unsolved mystery.

Lyrically written by frontwoman Vanna Basso who is also a horror and thriller lover, EAS
mixes the dark, eerie sound of the track with a feminine empathetic point of view focused on
the sweetness and vulnerability of the victim, honouring her human fragilities and dreams.
The video of Elizabeth Ann Short was filmed in the very evocative location of the Gran
Loggia d’Italia of the A.L.A.N. – Oriente in Milan.
Vanna and Ivo are also romantically linked in real life and the theme of love is recurrent in
their production, accompanied by songs presenting deep and poetic lyrical content about
nature, the absurdity of war and the quirks of human nature, always presented under a
positive and optimistic perspective.

Musically speaking, the main inspiration for “Mask of Broken Glass” – entirely composed by
Ivo Ricci and produced by the award winning Pietro Foresti and by sound enginee Vincenzo
Giacalone – was the collaboration between Rage and Lingua Mortis Orchestra.

Appealing to fans of Within Temptation, Lacuna Coil, Battle Beast and the like, Ordahlia Nera
belong to the metal sub-genres of modern symphonic, dark and gothic metal.

Ordahlia Nera are:
Vanna Basso – Vocals
Ivo Ricci – Guitar
Michele De Ponti – Guitar
Alex “Raven” Colombo – Bass Guitar
Edo Sala – Drums