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KLOGR (pronounced Kay – log – are) is an Italian rock band which musical production partakes of the genres of alternative rock and alternative metal. The band’s name is a reference to the law of Weber-Fechner, developed in the second half of the 800s, which is known as the fundamental psycho-physical relationship (S = K log R).

The project, led by Gabriele “Rusty” Rustichelli (producer at Zeta Factory), develops a powerful sound that draws energy from a philosophy that challenges the contemporary culture, where every sense is clevery used against men in the name of profit. Along with Rusty (vocals and guitars), KLOGR is backed by the alternative rock band, Timecut, which includes Giampi (backing vocals and guitar), Joba (bass) and Ste (drums). All together, they complete the solid line-up of KLOGR.

The idea of KLOGR starts taking shape in May 2010 with, alongside Rusty, Nicola Briganti (guitars), Todd Allen (bass) and Filippo De Pietri (drums). When June of 2011 comes about, the group begins recording for their debut album at the ZetaFactory Studio. From that point on, Klogr captures the attention of the public and arouses much curiousity among professionals and fans by publishing several viral videos, showing the progress of the band in studio.

11-11-11 brings the world premier of the band’s live show and the release of ‘Till You Decay’. The band performs the new album in its entirety and is acclaimed with much ethusiasm and support from new fans. From the album ‘Till You Decay’ are released two videoclips: ‘Bleeding‘ (January 2012) and ‘Silk and Thorns‘ (October 2012).

In January 2012, Klogr sets off on a promotional tour on the West Coast of the United States and gives people a reason and the desire to pay attention to the Italian alternative scene. In June 2012, after several dates back in Italy, KLOGR embarks on a French mini-tour and is once again well received by concert-goers and music enthusiasts, confirming the interest of the project in Europe.

With the release of ‘Till You Turn’ (November 2012), KLOGR begins a new chapter for the band and invites Timecut to participate in the project backing up Rusty. This leads to a whole new energy and momentum of the band that can be seen and experienced when they are on stage. Together, this massively talented band is shaping up to be one of the most interesting live acts in the Italian and International independent scene. A first video from EP ‘Till You Turn’ is released in February 2013 for the track ‘King of Unknown‘.

The Ep is presented Live in November 2012 followed by an extensive promotional tour with concerts in Belgium and Holland, France, Germany (March 2013), Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland (April 2013).

In May 2013 KLOGR starts supporting the international non-profit marine wildlife conservation organization Sea Shepherd (alongside with artists such as Aerosmith, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Gojira and Tommy Lee) through the video ‘Guinea Pigs‘ which is shared worldwide as a fundraiser for the Association.

In June 2013 the band ends their ‘Till You Turn Tour’ with a live performance at prestigious Sweden Rock Festival (June 7) sharing stage with bands such as Kiss, Europe, Five Finger Death Punch, to name a few. During this last show, director Roberto Zampa shoots a videoclip for the song “Vultures Feast“, featuring female rocksinger AlteriA (RockTV) (released in November 2013).

In October 2013 KLOGR enters three different recording studios to work on their second full lenght album “Black Snow”.

In February 2014, KLOGR release “Draw Closer“, first videoclip from the new album. “Black Snow” sees the light on March, 11th 2014 for Europe and is released on the 29th of April 2014 in the United States. A European Tour of 23 dates is planned for March-April 2014, opening for the industrial metal legends Prong.



From ‘Black Snow’

  1. Draw Closer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6RmDD3b3Mgo

From ‘Till You Decay’

  1. Bleeding http://smarturl.co/KlogrBleeding
  2. Silk and Thorns http://smarturl.co/KlogrSilkAndThorns

From ‘Till You Turn’ EP

  1. King of Unknown http://smarturl.co/KlogrKingOfUnknown
  2. Guinea Pigs (Sea Shepherd) http://smarturl.co/KlogrGuineaPigs
  3. Vultures Feast feat. AlteriA http://smarturl.co/KlogrVulturesFeast










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