Max Forleo: “We are non-paying spectators of a circus set on self-destruction mode.”

Max Forleo: “We are non-paying spectators of a circus set on self-destruction mode.”

August 30, 2021 0 By skeek

New single Antarktica (video) out now

MAX FORLEO‘s new single ANTARKTICA, an emotional rock song about the contemporary man’s indifference towards nature is now on worldwide radio rotation.

ANTARKTICA is an introspective analysis on man’s attitude towards nature. ADAM, the protagonist of this song, is the personification of the kind and respectful side of human beings in relation to what’s surrounding us. Adam is portrayed alone, barefoot and freezing as he cries realizing that humans have forgotten about him. Adam loves the Sun and he loves taking care of Life, but the sound of his cry is a deaf noise and the song ends with Adam dying for our sins.

Max Forleo explains: “We are non-paying spectators of a circus set on self-destruct mode.”  

ANTARKTICA, already available on all digital platforms since April, anticipates MAX FORLEO‘s new album BLACK CURTAIN, due out on September 17.

The VIDEO for ANTARKTICA, shot in a mesmerizing atmosphere at M2F Studios in Milan, features Italian dancer Jessica Ajello. The video shows us the cloud of indifference in which our consciousness is dancing, looking for her own voice, while overshadowed by the images of a planet in decay.


Artist: Max Forleo
Written by Max Forleo
Label: M2F Srl / MB Produzioni
Lead&Backing Vocals: Max Forleo
Piano: Max Forleo
Guitars: Andrea Mattia Gentile
Bass: Fernando De Luca
Drums: Giovanni Tani Jr.
Keyboards: Matteo Capraro
Video Location: M2F Studios
Camera: Gilberto Pietresato
Lights: Francesco Furlanetto
Sound Engineer: Davide Favale
Starring: Jessica Ajello